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Pull-Stroke Saws
Fluoro-Coat™ Blade Saws Premium-Grade Contractor Saws
Designed for precise but fast ripping, cross-cutting, trim and square-off cut tasks, and for jobs that don’t warrant the time and hassle of power tool set up. All feature premium-grade 9TPI pull-to-cut blades with Fluoro-Coat™ blade coating for unmatched cutting performance and cast aluminum handles with embedded elastomer grips a for exceptional comfort and positive control.
Contractor Saws Rugged, Fast-Cut Saws For Jobsite and Shop
Heavy-duty work saws equipped with ultra-sharp, aggressive-cut blades with triple cutting edge teeth. Makes fast work out of trim and cross-cut tasks, premium-grade spring steel blades flex for ultra-close flush-cuts and precise jamb cuts. For wet or dry wood, PVC and more.
Japan Pull™ Precision Pull-Stroke Saws
Professional-grade saws with safe, single-sided cutting blades and Tajima's patented quick-connect blade retainer that holds the blade securely yet allows for fast blade change. Blades are premium-quality spring steel with ultra-sharp, impulse-hardened triple cutting-edge teeth.
Saw Blades Cut Cleaner, Faster & With Less Effort
Cross-cut blades with impulse-hardened, triple cutting-edge teeth and close-quarters blades designed to provide a quality cut even in hard to reach places. Safe and practical single-sided cutting blades manufactured for exclusive use with Tajima saws.