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Chalk-Rite® Dura Extra Heavy-Duty Chalk Snap Line
Chalk-Rite® GearDrive Extra Bold Chalk-Rite® Dura Chalk Snap Line
  • Extra rugged die-cast aluminum case, thick tempered steel handle assembly, and handle stay.
  • Integrated Handle Release ™ to disengage the line spool when extending the line.
  • Ultra-fast rewind through a dependable 3-gear drive system.
  • 1.0 mm premium braided nylon / polyester line with matching felt applicator.
  • Large fill neck with positive locking cap that also features an end hook stay.
  • Integrated gasket seal and protective elastomer non-slip grip.

  • Use Tajima Micro Chalk or Snap Line Dye
Item Code Description List Price
CR401S Extra bold marking, ultra-fast wind chalk snap line, 100 ft. line $--
Chalk-Rite® Replacement Snap-Line Chalk-Rite® Replacement Snap-Line
  • OEM replacement snap-line for Tajima Chalk-Rite® Series snap-line tools
  • Extra Bold 1.0 mm braided nylon / polyester snap-line, 100 ft. (30 m) spool
Item Code Description List Price
PL-ITOL Extra Bold 1.0 mm braided line, 100 ft. (30 m) spool $6.99