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Ink-Rite® Auto-Rewind Ink Snap-Line
Unique ink-based snap-line tool that makes a thin, bold easy-to-follow marking line that won't smudge or wash away. Auto rewind up to 25 feet. With a sure-grip elastomer-wrapped end hook.
Chalk-Rite® II Gear Drive Fast-Wind Chalk Snap-Line
Compact and durable die-cast aluminum chalk snap-lines with 5 gears for fast, smooth and dependable rewinds. In Extra Bold or Ultra Thin marking line models, all are equipped with 100 feet of premium-grade braided snap-line, folding rewind cranks, positive gear-lock line holds, and trial size bottles of Snap-Line Dye or Micro Chalk.
Chalk-Rite® Jam Free Fast-Wind Chalk Snap-Line
Mid-priced chalk snap-line with high-end features that include a 5-gear fast wind system, 100 ft of extra bold premium-grade nylon / polyester line, a sure-grip end hook, and an elastomer-wrapped ABS case with folding crank, auto release line lock, large fill neck, and patent pending Jam Free design.
Chalk-Rite® Dura Extra Heavy-Duty Chalk Snap Line
Extra rugged chalk snap line with an Integrated Handle Release™, premium braided nylon/polyester line and matching felt applicator, a wide fill neck with positive-locking cap, and an integrated gasket seal / extra-thick non-slip grip.
Chalk-Rite® Auto Wind Auto-Rewind Chalk Snap-Line
Feature-packed auto-rewind chalk snap-line with see-thorough canister, steel mixing ball to prevent chalk caking, and a unique chalk metering sleeve that applies an even and thorough coating of chalk to the line. Auto rewind up to 23 feet.
Ink-Rite® Ink Quick Dry Formulas
High-grade snap-line ink that produce a bold, easy-to-follow marking line that won’t smudge or wash away. Manufactured for exclusive use with Tajima ink snap-lines.
Tajima Micro Chalk & Snap-Line Dye
Recommended for Tajima chalk snap-lines, an upgrade for other chalk snap-lines. Ultra-fine powdered Micro Chalk or semi-permanent, water resistant Snap-Line Dye. All create consistent, exceptionally bold marking lines. Packaged in moisture-proof 10 1/2 oz and 32 oz bottles.