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Utility Blades
  • Optimized for drywall, an upgrade for the traditional utility knife
  • Shatter resistant, tracks straight and stays sharper longer
  • Made with extra thick, extra hard SK-120 carbon steel
  • Further hardened through our Japanese-style tempering process
  • Special blade geometry to maximize cutting point strength
  • In 5-blade packs, 50-blade or 100-blade safety dispensers.

Item Code Description List Price
VRB-5B V-REX™Ⅱ 5-blade pack $-.--
VRB-50B V-REX™Ⅱ 50-blade safety dispenser $-.--
VRB-100B V-REX™Ⅱ 100-blade safety dispenser $-.--
V-REX™ HOOK Blade™
  • Large Hook format, designed for roofing and flooring professionals
  • Extra thick, extra hard tempered carbon steel for superior strength and cutting edge life
  • Precise, multi-step sharpened and buffed around the entire curvature of the hook
  • In 5-blade packs or 50-blade safety dispensers

Item Code Description List Price
HKB-5B HOOK Blade™, 5-blade pack $-.--
HKB-50B HOOK Blade™, 50-blade safety dispenser $-.--