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VR-Series Knives Dependable, Hassle-Free Utility Knives
Designed to complement Tajima V-REX™ and HOOK Blade™, VR-Series knives are rugged, comfortable, and dependable. Hinged one-piece handles with large thumb-screw knobs for tool-free blade change, magnetic blade retainers to prevent accidental blade drop, and spring-loaded spare blades clips for safe and effective blade storage. In retractable blade, fixed blade or self-retracting "safety knife" models.
V-REX™ Ⅱ The Ultimate Utility Knife Blade
Optimized for drywall, designed to upgrade the scoring and cutting performance of traditional utility knives. Extra thick, extra hard premium-grade carbon steel blades track straight and retain their cutting edge longer. In packs or safety dispensers
DEEP HOOK™ Blade Extra Thick, Extra Hard, Deep Hook Format
Extra thick, extra hard premium carbon steel blades in Deep Hook format designed for roofing and flooring professionals.  Multi-step sharpened and buffed all around the inside curvature of the hook ensures dependable slicing and cutting regardless of blade angle.  In 5-blade packs or 50-blade safety dispensers.