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Snap-Blade Knives
Rock Hard™ Aluminist™ 1 Inch Blade Knives
Aluminum handle knives engineered for extra heavy duty scoring and cutting with extra thick, extra hard 0.7 mm x 1 inch wide Rock Hard™ blades. Positive locking blade locking systems, heavy gauge stainless steel blade sleeves, and in-handle blade storage. Magazine Load models with automatic blade reloading or manual load models, all preloaded with 3 Rock Hard™ blades.
Rock Hard™ Single Blade Elastomer Grip 1 Inch Blade Knives
Extra heavy-duty knives with an extra thick, extra wide 0.7 mm x 1 inch wide 7-point Rock Hard™ blade. Dial Lock blade locking for fixed blade-like operation and Auto Lock blade locking for fast one-hand blade extension and retraction. All with thick elastomer grips and heavy-gauge stainless steel blade sleeves for optimal control and sure-grip performance.
Heavy Duty Aluminist™ 3/4 Inch Blade Knives
Rugged die-cast aluminum handle knives with heavy gauge stainless steel blade sleeves and positive locking Auto Lock or Dial Lock blade lock systems, all designed around Tajima’s Endura and Razar Black 3/4 inch wide blades that provide superior scoring, cutting and slicing performance. Magazine Load model holds 6 blades and is designed to Auto Feed a fresh blade after the old one is expelled.
Heavy Duty 7/8 Inch and 3/4 Inch Blade Knives
Dependable, all-around knives with ergonomic ABS handles, heavy gauge stainless steel blade sleeves and positive locking Auto Lock or Dial Lock blade lock systems. All preloaded with ultra-sharp Endura 8-point snap segment blades. 7/8 inch blade model offers greater lateral blade strength in a compact handle design, ideal for heavy duty scoring and thick material slicing.
Driver Cutter™ Knives With Multi-Function “Driver” Tips
Unique heavy-duty knives that feature 1mm thick tempered blade sleeves and multi-function “driver” tips that conform to strict JIS standards for screwdriver tip hardness so they easily drive standard-head screws as well as lift can lids and open boxes without having to extend the knife blade.
Precision Craft Endura 3/8 Inch Blade Knives
Lightweight and sleek knives designed for intricate and detailed cutting and fine material slicing. Ultra-thin stainless steel, elastomer grip or ABS handle models, all equipped with razor-sharp Endura 3/8 inch 13-point snap segment blades.
Snap Blades Ultra-Hard, Ultra-Sharp for Precision Cutting
For Tajima knives or as an upgrade to other snap-blade knives, Tajima Rock Hard and Endura blades offer the hardest, sharpest cutting edge possible. Packaged in protective hard packs or dispensers, available in blade widths from 1 inch (24 mm) to 3/8 inch (9 mm).