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Ink-Rite™ Auto Rewind Ink Snap-Line
Ink-Rite® Ink-Rite®
  • Unique ink-based snap-line marking tool makes a thin, precise easy-to-follow line
  • Semi-permanent, scuff and smudge-resistant marking line won't wash away
  • Auto rewinds up to 25 ft.
  • Sure-grip elastomer-wrapped end hook also has an eyelet to attach to a nail or stud
  • User-serviceable, with instructions and tool to facilitate snap-line replacement

  • Use Ink-Rite™ Quick Dry Ink
Item Code Description List Price
IR101S-0 Auto rewind ink snap-line $21.99
Ink-Rite® Replacement Parts Ink-Rite® Replacement Snap-Line
  • OME replacement snap-line for Tajima Ink-Rite™ ink snap-line tool
  • Thin gauge 0.024 inch (0.6 mm) braided nylon snap-line, 130 ft. (40 m) spool
Item Code Description List Price
PS-ITOS Thin gauge 0.024 inch (0.6 mm) braided nylon line, 130 ft. (40 m) $6.99