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CONVOY®Super Premium Steel-Welded Caulk Guns
Smooth and dependable caulk guns with rotating handles for maneuvering in and around tight spaces, extra-long barrels for hassle-free tube reloads, and featuring thrust system options to handle any material with ease.
CONVOY®Plus II Rotary Caulk Guns
Smooth working caulking guns with 360 degree rotating handles to lay a quality bead even in tight spaces. Rugged steel welded construction with special heat-treated and hardened steel shaft and thrust plates for extra duability and non-slip performance. In 1/10 gallon and 1 quart models.
CONVOY®Lite Ultra-Light Caulk Gun
Ultra lightweight caulk gun that features a full-barrel design for superior control and tube protection yet weighs up to 37% less than comparably-sized caulk guns. Equipped with Tajima's twin-thrust system for smooth, even dispensing and our Auto Flow Stop that shuts off the flow to prevent material seepage and dripping. For all 1/10 gallon tubes.:
CONVOY®X Premium Skeleton Caulk Gun
Feature-packed skeleton caulk gun with Tajima’s powerful and dependable twin-thrust dispensing, Auto Flow Stop control, extra-long and rigid steel seal puncture tool, and a unique X-Frame™ design to better secure tubes and ensure fast, hassle-free tube reload. Lightweight but strong nylon / fiberglass construction, with ladder hook. For all 1/10 gallon tubes.