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Snap-Blades Ultra-Hard, Ultra-Sharp for Precision Cutting
For Tajima knives or as an upgrade to other snap-blade knives, Tajima Rock Hard and Endura blades offer the hardest, sharpest cutting edge possible. Packaged in protective hard packs or dispensers, available in blade widths from 1 inch (24 mm) to 3/8 inch (9 mm).
Utility Blades Extra Thick, Extra Hard Premium Carbon Steel Blades
Optimized for drywall, designed to upgrade the scoring and cutting performance of traditional utility knives. Extra thick, extra hard premium-grade carbon steel blades track straight and retain their cutting edge longer. In packs or safety dispensers
Saw Blades Cut Cleaner, Faster & With Less Effort
Cross-cut blades with impulse-hardened, triple cutting-edge teeth and close-quarters blades designed to provide a quality cut even in hard to reach places. Safe and practical single-sided cutting blades manufactured for exclusive use with Tajima saws.
Accessories Consumables & Tool Enhancements
High-grade ink, snap-line dye and ultra-fine powder chalk for precision snap line marking. Original equipment parts and accessories designed to maintain and enhance the performance of Tajima tools.